Trust Services

Planning for the future is an Accomplishment; planning it right is an Achievement.

County National Bank has a great depth of experience and knowledge in helping others with their investment, trust, retirement and estate needs. Our seasoned trust officers will work with you to choose the options that are best for you. Meet with them to review investment matters, estate planning, family financial management and coordination of retirement benefits. We will work with you to plan through all stages of your life.

Personalized Investment Management

Together, we will develop a personal profile of your investment needs and objectives, time horizon and attitude toward investing. We will oversee your assets in a manner which best fulfills your personal investment goals. The key to maximizing your investment returns is a well diversified portfolio that will help weather the inevitable financial market storms.

Professional Trust Administration

Trusts are created to handle many needs and are customized to carry out your wishes during your life and after. As trustee, we are responsible for carrying out all the provisions stated in the trust whether it is to: ensure your spouse and family are able to live in the comfort to which they are accustomed; protect inheritances of minor children; provide money for education and support; or carry out a philanthropic purpose. As professional trust administrators, County National Bank will also carry out the fiduciary responsibilities that may include investment management, recordkeeping, collection of income, paying bills, tax preparation, etc. Our trust administrative services provide you peace of mind knowing that your wishes are being carried out.

Employer Retirement Plan Accounts

CNB Trust & Investment Services serves as the custodian for the investment of assets involving Pension and Profit Sharing Plans, Keogh, and SEP and SIMPLE plans.  CNB Trust & Investment Services offers a fully bundled 401(k) retirement plan for businesses and their employees.  Features of the program include a full spectrum of investment options, daily valuation of accounts with internet access, and simplified plan administration.

Your Retirement Partner

For a comfortable, worry-free retirement, start planning the journey with a partner that offers objective advice that keeps your goals in mind. 

A self-directed IRA (Individual Retirement Arrangement) allows you to make investment decisions, while working with a knowledgeable partner each step of the way.  A variety of investment options, including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, helps to ensure that your retirement funds are well-diversified.  And, our professionals are fee-based advisors who have a fiduciary responsibility to act in their client’s best interest.  CNB Trust & Investment Services provides comprehensive advice for your retirement, investment, and estate planning needs. 

Personal Representative

The responsibilities of a Personal Representative are complex and governed by the Probate Laws of the State of residence of the decedent. Many individuals select us to serve as their Personal Representative because the administration of an estate demands the highest degree of integrity and impartiality. We add our wide range of experience and expertise in handling all matters of the estate.

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