Savings Accounts

County National Bank offers several savings plans and certificates of deposit to help your money grow over time. Plus, CNB savings accounts include a free ATM card, 24-hour access to your money, and unlimited transactions at all CNB ATMs (up to your daily limit).

Please visit or call one of our offices to open your savings account or the toll-free number at 888-322-1088 if you have any questions.

Find more savings options with Certificates of Deposit.


*Account Limitations: Maximum of 6 preauthorized debits from your account each month. Preauthorized debits are described as: Automatic debits, including transfers to cover overdrafts, debit transfers via telephone, fax or computer to other accounts of the same depositor, or to a third party. Limits do not apply to: Withdrawals or transfers made in person, by mail or through an ATM, or automatic debits for loan payments made to County National Bank.
** All minor savings accounts are exempt from the minimum average daily balance requirement and maintenance fee.