Precision Gage, Inc.

[Left to Right]
John Spratt – Owner, Precision Gage, Inc.
Kenette Spratt – Owner, Precision Gage, Inc.
Craig Connor – President and CEO, County National Bank
Lois Howard - Vice President - Commercial Loans, County National Bank

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The Loan that Started the Business – and Every Loan Since

John Spratt started with an idea; an idea that he would establish his own business and make his community better in the process. He never dreamed that Precision Gage would grow to what it is today. The first loan with County National Bank was for a single lathe machine, but that was just the beginning.  His next goal was to move his shop to the Industrial Park. In 1987, with the help of CNB, John moved into his new building and has kept looking to the future - continually growing, employing more local people, and becoming one of the top suppliers for precision automotive and medical components around the world.

John and Kenette Spratt know they are only as good as the people they work with and even though they’re not all related, everyone is family.  The dedication of Precision Gage and CNB is what “banking that stays in the community” means. The funds that make the loans possible for Precision Gage to keep growing come from the deposits made by you. Your deposits into County National Bank are an investment not only for yourself, but also for your local businesses, your neighbors – your community.

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