Jonesville Lumber

[Left to Right]

Abe Graves – Store Manager, Jonesville Lumber
Ben Graves – Purchasing Manager, Jonesville Lumber
Jim Graves – President, Jonesville Lumber
Lois Howard - Vice President - Commercial Loans, County National Bank

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Banking that Stays in the Community

County National Bank is dedicated to supporting local businesses like Jonesville Lumber because it benefits everyone in our community. A fixture in downtown Jonesville since their first day in 1919, Jonesville Lumber continues to invest in their business, their employees, their customers and the community. County National Bank supports these efforts so Jonesville Lumber can continue to provide the materials to the contractors who build the homes and businesses in our community.

The funds that keep Jonesville Lumber, and their customers, building for the future come from deposits made by the people in our community; and that’s what “banking that stays in the community” means. Your deposits into County National Bank are an investment not only for yourself, but also for your local businesses, your neighbors – your community.

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