Godfrey Bros., Inc.

Godfrey Bros., Inc.

[Left to Right]
Eric Potes – Commercial Loan Officer, County National Bank
Kevin Godfrey – Owner, Godfrey Bros., Inc.

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Banking that Stays in the Community

County National Bank is dedicated to supporting local businesses like Godfrey Bros., Inc. to make the community better for everyone. The Godfrey family has been ingrained in farming southern Michigan since 1837. The Godfrey Bros., Inc. dealership, started in 1974, is heading into its third generation of ownership. The Godfrey family and CNB will remain fixtures for years to come, providing the equipment and resources for farming and construction in our community.  

The funds that keep Godfrey Bros., Inc. and their customers growing come from deposits made by the people in our community; and that’s what “banking that stays in the community” means. Your deposits into County National Bank are an investment not only for yourself, but also for your local businesses, your neighbors – your community.

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