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County National Bank Retirement Announcement

January 16, 2013 | Return to News & Updates

Craig S. Connor, President and CEO of County National Bank, announced Spencer D. Swank, Executive Vice President and CFO plans to retire as of January 31, 2013.

Spencer joined the bank in March of 1998, as Vice President and CFO and he is retiring from the banking business after a very successful career, spanning 43 years. Spencer’s title is CFO and Executive Vice President; however, it does not do justice to the role he has played at County National Bank.  Spencer was the chief financial officer, branch administrator, chairman of the investment committee and the ALCO committee, risk management officer, cashier of the Bank and had overall responsibility for marketing, facilities and information technology.

“County National Bank has consistently performed very well through the years, but especially noteworthy is the Bank’s performance through the latest economic downturn.  Spencer’s countless management contributions are in large part the reason behind the Bank’s success and solid reputation. Spencer will be missed by our customers, Directors and staff; however, he has developed a very capable team of internal successors.”

We thank Spencer for many years of dedicated service to our organization, and wish both Spencer and his wife Rita the best in their retirement years.