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CNB Showers the Jackson Interfaith Shelter

September 13, 2018 | Return to News & Updates

County National Bank donated $1,000 to the Jackson Interfaith Shelter to help raise money for the Shower the Shelter fundraiser. This contribution will go towards the betterment of the shelter in downtown Jackson.

The money raised will be used to renovate the women’s bathroom at the shelter. The renovation is going to add another handicap shower stall, new toilet stalls, a tub to bathe children in, a diaper changing station, a better sink and vanity station along with new flooring, paint, and light fixtures for the residents. Currently, at the shelter, there is only one shower for forty-six women and children that live at the shelter. Additionally, the toilet stalls do not have actual doors making the women’s bathroom an undignified and unsanitary space. The updates will provide normal bathrooms and services and add a sense of cleanliness to the shelter.

The Jackson Interfaith Shelter is a non-profit organization that supplies the less fortunate in housing, meals, clothing, mentoring and much more. The shelter is a “low-barrier” establishment meaning that they take everyone in and let them stay for ninety days as long as they are making an effort to get back on their feet. Other shelters only allow residents to stay for one night and it is a first come, first serve basis. This organization helps not only the less fortunate in the Jackson community, but, the less fortunate in Hillsdale, Kalamazoo, Detroit, Albion, Eaton Rapids, Battle Creek, the list goes on. People from the community that aren’t homeless frequent the shelter and look for advice and moral support as well. Last year the Interfaith Shelter provided just fewer than 16,000 bed nights and served 68,000 meals to those in need. 

“The shelter is a revolving door to anyone who needs help in the community. We feel as though we are an important fixture in the community and that’s why people come back and donate their time and resources,” said Interfaith Shelter manager, Katie Anderson. Adding, “It is an investment not only in the community but the people too.”

“The members of the community are very helpful and contribute to the shelter in many ways, but we hope more people could come out and help support in some sort of way because the donations go much farther than people realize,” said Interfaith Shelter Assistant Manager, Laura Stephens. County National Bank is proud to donate to the Jackson Interfaith Shelter and support the organization's focus on bettering the community.