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Glowing for the Gold

October 11, 2017 | Return to News & Updates

Don Germann, Jonesville Branch Manager with two of Area 29's Olympians

Glow for the gold and help support the Area 29 Special Olympics!

County National Bank (CNB) donated funds to Special Olympics Michigan of Hillsdale and Lenawee Counties. Special Olympics of Michigan provides year-round athletic training and competition for adults and children diagnosed with developmental disabilities. Athletes develop athletic skills, share experiences, and form friendships as they compete in different sports throughout the year.  Participating in Special Olympics provides the opportunity for athletes to demonstrate courage and pride in their efforts. 

On October 14th, Area 29 Special Olympics Michigan is holding a 5K Nightglow race to support their athletic programs.  The goal is to make the “Twilight Twinkle Run” an annual event with the support of local businesses, agencies, and community members.

“Area 29 Special Olympics Michigan reaches all corners of Hillsdale and Lenawee Counties.  Athletes from both Hillsdale and Lenawee Counties participate throughout the year. Some of our athletes hold jobs in our community, while some of our athletes are still in school.”, said Tammy Ryan of St. Paul’s Ability Resource Center. Some of our athletes have participated for twenty years, while other athletes started to compete this year. Special Olympics participation presents each athlete an opportunity to experience sports and competition otherwise unavailable to them.  “In 2017, we took 85 athletes plus chaperones to the Summer Games, and the cost was well over $10,000.” The funds from the Twilight Twinkle Run will be used to offset the cost of travel and participation.