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Celebrating 83 years of Community Banking

March 28, 2017 | Return to News & Updates

Jonesville Office

In 1934, the landscape of the United States was hard. It was one of the worst years of the Great Depression, and the Midwest would soon experience the Dust Bowl. The year would see the end of Bonnie & Clyde and John Dillinger’s crime sprees, but the country would still experience high crime rates. With financial, political, and social unrest, it may be surprising that some local individuals chose to open a bank.

Forged during this turbulent time, 83 years ago (Monday, March 19, 1934, to be exact) Hillsdale County National Bank opened their doors. After the “Bank Holiday” of 1933, The First National Bank of Hillsdale, originally organized in 1863, reformed as Hillsdale County National Bank. Approximately 50 citizens and business people invested $60,000 in Hillsdale County National Bank. Over the last 83 years, the bank has grown and changed with the times and is now known as County National Bank or CNB. It has increased from one building in downtown Hillsdale to 12 branches in 4 counties.

On Monday, March 20, 2017, our branches hosted a birthday party for CNB. The offices filled with balloons, streamers, cookies, cupcakes, even an ice cream machine. We have much to celebrate; we have remained locally owned, increased assets size to $590 million, funded businesses the loans they needed to prosper, and most importantly, stayed loyal to our communities.

Many things have changed in the financial industry in our +80 years, but remaining a community bank is at the heart of our success.  Being a CNB customer means you made the decision to keep your money local and to reinvest it into our economy. So, thank you for giving us a reason to celebrate!

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