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Say Goodbye to State Restrictions!

March 21, 2017 | Return to News & Updates

no more state restrictions on your emv card

Good News about your EMV Chip card!

With the recent transition to the EMV chip card on consumer accounts--we have some exciting news!  This added card security has allowed us to remove state blocks on our debit cards. The previously blocked states include California, New York, Georgia, Texas and Colorado. 

In the past, CNB has restricted certain states due to high volumes of fraud.  But no more! We are excited to remove the state blocking feature from our consumer cards. The EMV Chip Card technology provides a high level of security, and we see a decline in card fraud. 

Please remember if you are traveling, please contact us so we can make the appropriate remarks on your card to ensure little to no interruption or inconvenience while you are away.

International purchases are restricted as this type of fraud is very active.  If you plan on going abroad or purchasing something from another country, please email or call us toll-free at 888-322-1088