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Get Smart about Credit

September 19, 2013 | Return to News & Updates

The Get Smart about Credit program, sponsored by the American Bankers Association, is a national campaign of volunteer bankers who work with young people to raise awareness about the importance of using credit wisely.  This year, Get Smart about Credit is celebrated on October 17th.  Many bankers will connect with young people to provide credit education lessons.

County National Bank is very willing to participate in this important initiative meant to challenge young people to think critically about their financial goals and expectations sooner rather than later.  Our bankers can share ways to use credit wisely and explore terms like “APR” and “credit scores” with students.  We look forward to partnering with teachers and students to help them develop skills for their financial success.

If you’re an educator and would like to schedule CNB to make a presentation to students, please contact Melissa Stroede at 517-782-2500 or Stacey Clemens at 517-439-4300.