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October 12, 2012 | Return to News & Updates

A CNB Debit Card can also be used as a Credit Card

To use your CNB Debit Card as a Credit Card, it’s as simple as selecting Credit at the point of sale versus Debit.  One of the benefits is that you don’t need to remember or input your PIN – you just sign your name.  And, signature-based transactions do offer you the added protection of zero liability if there are any unauthorized purchases. 

You can use your CNB Debit Card as a Credit Card to make online purchases or even bill payments.  It’s easy and convenient, and you won’t need to rack up charges on your credit card – so, no surprises when that credit card bill comes! 

For security purposes, you can add your photo to your CNB card for free, and the cashier can quickly confirm your identity.  If you don’t have a CNB Debit Card and would like the ease of use and flexibility of one, please visit a New Accounts Representative at any of our office locations.