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CNB Receives Financial Literacy Award

May 11, 2012 | Return to News & Updates

The Michigan Bankers Association announced that County National Bank has received the 2012 Financial Literacy Award for their region.  CNB has been awarded this distinction six times in the past seven years, and they are honored to be recognized for their financial education efforts.  As a community bank, County National Bank is committed to promoting financial literacy in their market areas.  Through their involvement, they have been able to reach many community members, including children, teens, adults, and senior citizens.

In addition, CNB recently testified before the State of Michigan’s House Banking Committee in Lansing, providing an overview of their financial literacy efforts to some of the state’s lawmakers.  CNB Compliance Officer, Stacey Clemens; Jonesville Branch Officer, Don Germann; and Marketing and Public Relations Officer, Jill Taylor presented information about the various programs CNB has participated in, such as Teach Children to Save; Get Smart About Credit; Lights, Camera, Save!”; and more.  CNB appreciated the invitation to testify before the House Banking Committee and to be recognized in this way.