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October 15, 2019 | Return to Financial Education

By Trish Meyer - Mortgage Lender NMLS#465227

Our mortgage application process is available in many convenient ways. You can apply online, call on the phone, or meet with us in person. Most banks, credit unions and mortgage companies have online or phone applications now available to customers.  It has many names, lightning, rocket, or rainbow mortgage.  We want to be your Rainbow Mortgage.  The rainbow is more appreciated having just experienced the storm in comparison.  Whether you start with us or come to us after the storm, we are here to start the loan process with you.  Like others, we can pre-approve you in a short amount of time!  You can talk to a lender or apply on our website; making us available 24/7. For added convenience, we can email the preapproval letter directly to you or your real estate agent.  We can also follow up via email, text or a call.  We will make it easy, fast and convenient.  County National Bank has experience lenders ready to help you get your first home, moving up or down-home, lake home, retirement home or family home.  Whether it is your first, second, or last home, we want to be a part of the amazing experience with you.  We will be able to inform you of any new products, the latest trends and ever-changing interest rates.

Trish Meyer (NMLS# 465227) is a Mortgage Lender with County National Bank you can reach her at 517.439.0424. To get pre-qualified, visit her website and APPLY NOW.