New Account Requirements

Thank you for choosing County National Bank!

Due to Federal regulation, we are required to obtain identification information at the time we open your new business account. Please bring the documents as indicated below:

  1. Articles of Organization for Corporations or Certificate of Good Standing
  2. Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement for LLC or Certificate of Good Standing
  3. By-laws or other documentation of organization for Non-Profit Organization, Lodges, or Associations
  4. Partnership Agreement and Application for LLP
  5. DBA for Sole Proprietorship and General Partnership
  6. Certificate of Limited Partnership for Limited Partnership
  7. Agency or Escrow Agreement for Escrow/Agency
  8. Certificate of Incorporation in Incorporated or other documentation or organization for Public or Governmental Units
  9. Copy of the EIN (which can be from tax returns, Treasury coupon payments, or original issued paper from IRS)

If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact us at 888-322-1088, or visit your personal banker at the office nearest you.